Offering you a more secure system

We draw on our lifting experience to benefit industrialists and overhead crane operators running sensitive lifting equipment that could cause hazardous situations.

Our total understanding of Directive 2006/42/EC and standard 60204-32 means that we can improve your travelling cranes, gantry cranes or other handling machinery or expand their safety functions. 

Installation of a PLC or safety relays to deal with:

  • Secure shutdowns of movements in category 0 or 1 as per the risk analysis
  • Overload thresholds based on use conditions
  • Secure access to the installation for the maintenance personnel
  • Prevention of jack-knifing and rapid readjustment
  • Automatic slowing down during travel in critical areas
  • Uniqueness of automatic and manual control orders

Renovation of electrical cabinets

Innovation with shortly a new safety brake

  • Developed under the joint FOST project with FOC Transmission, ADC and several other partners
  • Implementing still-active safety
  • Ensuring a known and precise load stopping distance


Sample assignments :

  • Development of a safety brake for travelling crane
  • Electrical design and programming of safety functions

Supported by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region
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