Power cabinet

Very precise control processes

Manufacture in our workshop of power cabinets incorporating direct current variable speed controllers or latest generation AFE variable frequency controllers up to 1 MW, or 3000 A in DC. We offer you very precise control processes.

Experienced in power electronics, SEIREL Automatismes has been implementing complex control loops on direct current variable speed controllers or variable frequency controllers, type AFE, for thirty years.

We put our experience in mechanical  lifts to good use to produce controls for industrial applications, especially in rolling mills.

Master-slave speed control on several unlinked motors

The Perce Neige funicular at Tignes is driven by two drive pulleys, driven by three direct current motor assemblies of 800 kW. The bi-directional thyristor variable controllers of 3000 A are managed by a pilot that distributes torques on each motor.

Change on the fly of a speed setpoint to a torque control

When simulating a load case on our patented SELEST system, the main cable car drive controller is torque operated with a polynomial function to impose a driving force against the mechanical braking components under test.

Anti-jack-knifing of cabs on separate cable loops

The PECLET funicular at Val Thorens and the PENFELD cable car at Brest are made up of two motor-driven cable loops with speed and position controlled throughout the journey.

Transfer of vehicles from one cable to the other in a precise interval

On the Bollin Fresse declutchable chairlifts at Tignes, both chairlifts have speed and position controlled. At the mid station, one chair in two is transferred to the other section and is inserted precisely between the vehicles that remain on the same cable loop.


Sample assignments in 2018:

Société Paturle:

  • Electrical renovation of a Schloemann rolling mill

  • Replacement of a Ward Leonard system by DC drives directly managed by one PLC.


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