SEIREL also supports its customers in urban transport, a solution that can overcome hilly ground and natural obstacles and maintains a connection between two neighbourhoods.

We carry out the electrical part and automatic control of people-carrying cable cars and funiculars, ensuring the reliability and available required by these applications. SEIREL has thus equipped the first urban cable car in France: Brest

Ecological solutions

Using AFE drives and capacitor banks, we can recover the energy from the cars’ descent and re-use it.

Remote monitoring of the equipment

SEIREL also offers solutions that do not require an operator continuously on site. Your equipment can be controlled remotely, in real time, from a centralised station.

Traveller information

To adapt to urban networks, we propose installing equipment information screens with details about the next departures, etc.


Here are a few of our finest achievements :

  • La Penfeld cable car – Brest (29)
  • Montmartre funicular – Paris (75)

Cable transport


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