Machine safety

Our customised solutions

  • Ensuring compliance
  • Audit and Studies of solutions
  • Every year, SEIREL uses its knowledge of machine safety, its total understanding of Directive 2006/42/EC and the standards (EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849, EN ISO 14119, etc.) to help you improving or adding new safety functions to your machinery and ensuring their compliance.

    Full handling of a compliance file

    • A single contact: monitoring mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic sub-contractors
    • CMSE® experts: a team of experts ensuring technical solutions

    Installation of a PLC or safety relays to deal with:

    • Secure shutdowns of movements in category 0 or 1 as per the risk analysis
    • Emergency shutdowns and secure commands
    • Secure access to the installation for the maintenance personnel
    • Compliance with PI (performance levels)
    • Uniqueness of automatic and manual control orders

    Programming of safety functions as per the stipulations of standards EN 13849-1 and IEC 61508.

    • Compliance with the V-cycle
    • Use of propriety, tested and proven unit blocks
    • Total understanding of different PLC brands (Pilz, Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, etc.)


    Sample assignments in 2018 :

    • Compliance of a flattening machine and a shearer
    • Management of all work items (mechanical/electrical/hydraulic)

    SEIREL Automatismes supports its customers in the audit and search for solutions to make its machinery compliant

    The protection measures proposed take account of the order of priority in risk reduction to satisfy both human safety and the availability and production capacity of the machine.

    Workers with cutting-edge knowledge of the standards

    • CMSE® experts: a team of experts ensuring technical solutions
    • Thirty years experience.

    Audit on automatic controls, mechanics, hydraulics, etc. 

    • Drafting specifications for automatic controls
    • Actuator cut-off proposal
    • Mechanical/hydraulic studies


    Sample assignments in 2018:

    • Study of solutions to make a scalping machine compliant
    • Drafting specifications to make the machine compliant


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